2005 Sailing Digest

On this page, I will detail, to an extent, a sort of daily vessel log, including brief outings, maintenance, and short sailing descriptions. This is a way to keep track of my sailing and maintenance days, in a format that will be easy to maintain and read.  From time to time, as conditions dictate, I will continue to post more detailed sailing and cruising logs.

All times listed in the entries are approximate.

Newest entries are at the top of the page. 

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September 8, 2005 | Haulout

Yes, yes:  it was a very early haulout this season.  With some traveling plans for mid-September, I had no choice but to haul the boat early, as there was no way I would leave her unattended in our lousy anchorage during the late season.  With two boats to deal with this year (the Daysailor was also in the water and would have to be hauled before our September 17 departure date), I chose to haul Glissando nice and early--a difficult, but ultimately correct, decision.

The day before, I had stripped the boat of sails, boom, and associated rigging.  Then, early in the morning on haulout day, I rowed out to the boat and then motored around to the Royal River, where I had the mast unstepped, as usual, at Royal River Boatyard.  The mast was down in no time, and I motored the short distance to the town landing to wait for my haulout early in the afternoon.

I had a long wait, as the mast unstepping had gone swimmingly, and I had allowed ample extra time for delays or other issues, as I would not care to have the hauler waiting.  It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny, so after removing and storing all the standing and running rigging, and securing the mast for transport, I settled down in the cockpit to read and wait.  I had several hours to kill, which was a little long--but there could have been worse places to be, certainly.

Eventually, Steve showed up (on time), and soon the boat was ensconced in her place next to the shop, safe and sound for another winter.  I was pleased to find that the bottom was quite clean, and washing the bottom was easier than in some previous years.

Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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