Fuel System
This page was last updated on 10 November 2001.

fuelfill.jpg (28224 bytes)After installing the fuel tank, I began making up the final hose connections and installing other equipment, including a new fuel filter.  The first step in this process was to install a new diesel deck plate on the starboard coaming.  Using polysulfide caulk beneath, I screwed the fitting into place.  Next, I clamped a new length of 1 1/2" Type A2 fuel fill hose to the nipple with two AWAB hose clamps.  I snaked the hose behind the cockpit fuel-fillvent-22101.jpg (33568 bytes) locker and secured it in place with nylon tie wraps, and, after cutting it to length, secured the other end to the fuel tank with two more clamps.


venttransom-22101.jpg (32116 bytes)I ran the 5/8" ID vent line from the tank outlet up behind the cockpit seat and aft along the starboard side to a new screened vent fitting I installed in the transom.  I secured the new vent fitting with polysulfide beneath the outside and a bronze 90 threaded fitting on the inside, to which I attached a 5/8" bronze nipple.  The hose was secured to the nipple with double hose clamps.  I really enjoyed the head rush I got as I hung upside down inside the lazarette trying to secure the clamps and, especially, while I secured the plastic brackets to support the hose along its run.

fuelfilter-22601.jpg (55460 bytes)I began the fuel supply installation by installing a Racor 215 fuel/water separator on the starboard side of the engine room, mounted up high and easily accessible for service.  I bolted this through the bulkhead from the outside (in the galley).  Next, I installed a bronze shutoff inside the cockpit sole access hatch near the fuel tank, after screwing in two bronze nipples for the hose.  Then, I ran a length of Type A1 hose from the tank outlet to fuelshutoff-22101.jpg (56576 bytes)the shutoff, and another from the shutoff towards the filter, securing the hose with plastic clamps along the way.  I left this piece short and installed an outboard motor-type squeeze bulb in the line on the suction side of the filter; the idea is that this will help reprime the system when I have to bleed the injector at some point in the future (a virtually guaranteed occurrence).  Then, I connected the bulb to the filter inlet, and the filter outlet to the secondary filter located on the engine.

The fuel return line runs from the injector back to the secondary filter, rather than back to the tank as I had originally expected.  This is a standard arrangement on the SB12, and I can't see a reason to change it.  I will blank off the return fitting on the tank, since it won't be needed. 

Update!! When I installed the new diesel engine (Yanmar 2GM20F), it had a more conventional return fuel arrangement, so I reinstalled the return fitting on the tank and ran a hose there.  Details can be found on the new engine installation pages. Click here to go directly to the proper page.


Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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