Delivery Log:  Rockland - Bucks Harbor
May 30, 2008

This year, we were excited to have a permanent mooring in Bucks Harbor, after submitting our application during last season. I was anxious to get the boat to her summer home.  I chose to launch the boat in Rockland for convenience reasons, and had made arrangements for a temporary, short-term mooring rental till I could get the boat organized and till the weather was suitable for the 21-mile trip up Penobscot Bay to Bucks Harbor.

After getting the boat squared away on launch day, but unable (or at least unwilling) to bring the boat up the bay in the day's high and generally unfavorable winds, I waited out another windy--though nice--day on Thursday, keeping my eye on Friday as the day to bring the boat up.

Friday ended up being good for the trip--cool temperatures, but glorious blue sky, bright sun, and calm winds to start the day.  15 knots of wind on the quarter would have been nice for the trip, but lacking that, I preferred flat calm and motoring for this trip to fighting undesirable winds.  Allen Hilburn (Kaholee, 158) came along for the ride; we departed the house at 0700 and arrived on the boat at just about 8.  After quickly getting things ready to go (raising the main and storing our gear), I dropped the rental mooring at 0818 and we headed out.



We had an uneventful but very pleasant motor up the bay.  There was little or no wind to speak of during the trip, though shortly before we arrived at Bucks Harbor the seabreeze began to kick in, just before noontime.   Having never actually seen the mooring that I bought last fall, I relied on my general understanding of its position, as well as some specific lat/long coordinates provided by the harbormaster, to find it; it was right where it should have been, and right where I expected.  We picked up the mooring at 1228 after traveling 21.8 miles over a 21.6 mile rhumbline.

After a quick hot dog lunch and putting the boat to bed, we headed for shore at 1400, where Heidi awaited us to bring us home (or, more specifically, back to Rockland where I'd parked in the morning).



Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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