Sailing Pictures:  17 September 2003
Photos by Nathan Sanborn

Wednesday, September 17 was one of those perfect early fall days.  The skies were cloudless and dark blue, the air was crisp and clean, and the winds refreshing.  As is usually the case, I had planned my week around potential sailing days, and though I had to work in the morning, I was free before noon and headed straight to the boat.  I love sailing in September, as the bay is simply deserted and peaceful.

It seemed incongruous to be out sailing on such a glorious day with a light breeze, while further to our south hurricane Isabel was preparing to pound the coastline within 24 hours.  Even as of this day, the path was slightly unsure, and it wasn't clear whether I would have to take any storm preparations or not.  However, this day was about sailing.

As I headed out from the anchorage under sail, I spotted Nathan on Dasein heading in; on my way down the pier earlier, I had noted that Dasein was not on her mooring, and I silently cheered because poor Dasein had been underused of late--much to Nathan and Heather's distress, of course, but nonetheless.

As we sailed by each other, I noted happily that Nathan had camera in hand.  Here are the results.  If my sail trim looks lousy, it's because I had started luffing the sails to slow the boat so that I might have a chat with Nathan rather than speeding by...only too late did I realize I was being filmed!

Click here for a short movie Nathan filmed on his camera of Dasein and Glissando sailing. 
Viewing this file may require the DivX codec.  Download it free here. Download DivX Now!

Glissando, having just left he mooring field, sails towards Dasein (from where the photo was taken)

Beating into 10 knots of northwest breeze

I sailed right by Dasein.  I look kind of like Buddy Hackett in this picture.

Off to the wild blue yonder.  What a glorious day!

Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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