Sailing Log:  5/28/03

Boy, how pathetic:  no sailing for a week and a half!  Intolerable.

Here in the northeast, we've been stuck in this terrible upper-level low pressure system thing that continues to bring cool, gray, damp weather, with an easterly flow off the very cold 43 degree ocean.  With the exception of the weekend following launch (see logs for the 17th and 18th), and a day or two after (work days), the weather has been like this pretty much all month.  It gets depressing if you let it.  And how can you not?

Memorial Day weekend was a bust here, though it became unexpectedly decent on Sunday afternoon.  Thinking that Monday was supposed to be OK, I worked on demolition inside the Daysailor hull on that day.  Of course, Monday turned out to be the worst day of the weekend, with substantial rain all afternoon and evening.  (Sigh)

An unexpectedly free day on Wednesday, coupled with weather that was gray and lifeless, but at least dry, meant that of course I had to head to the boat.  Now, I've been aboard several times in the days since my last sail, mostly to check things out and to wish I was sailing.  Today, I went down to check out the boat, and maybe to bring her to the dock for a washdown.  It was flat calm, and the perfect time to wash, which I did.  Then, with no wind but relatively (in comparison) pleasant conditions, I  motored around the anchorage for a while, checking out this year's crop of boats.

IM007936.JPG (150678 bytes)As I ended my motor tour, I noticed a dark line of wind ruffles out near the islands.  As I watched, it seemed to get closer.  The forecast was for about 10 knots of southeast wind in the afternoon, so I guessed this was the beginning.  As I was hardly ready to go in yet, I decided to give sailing a try, so I stopped the boat and readied the mainsail, removing the cover and raising it.  Then, with bare steerageway, I unrolled the jib and tried sailing.  It was slow going at first, but then I tacked to turn the boat more in the direction the wind was coming from, and as the wind built I suddenly found myself in the middle of a great sail!

IM007939.JPG (140137 bytes)As it was midweek, and not that nice out, I had the bay to myself except for a couple lobster boats far away.  What a pleasure!  Sure, the wind was chilly off the water, but who cared?  It was a great sailing breeze, about 8 knots or so and perhaps as much as 10 or 11.  Just enough to fully enjoy and get the boat moving at between 4 and 5 knots.  Nice!

IM007943.JPG (146554 bytes)The wind got a little light for a while, slowing me to about 1 knot or so.  Fortunately, it freshened again,  propelling me back to the mooring in fine fashion.  All in all, it was an extremely pleasant 1.5 - 2 hour sail, and prepared me for a couple more days of gray, drizzle, and unseasonable chill.

Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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