Required Placards & Safety Equipment

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One of the requirements for all boats over 26' in length is the display of specifically-worded placards prohibiting the discharge of oil and plastic products.  Typically, these placards are cheap, made of plastic--or even stick-on paper--and cheesy-looking.  Why would anyone want to louse up the otherwise beautiful interior of their boat, on which they otherwise spare no expense, with one of these things?  I also question whether anyone who is ignorant enough and even remotely inclined to dump oil or throw trash and plastic overboard actually reconsidered because they saw the placard on board.  In other words, has the mere presence of the placard on board boats prevented this sort of pollution?

Stage set:  A beautiful anchorage in the tropics.  A boat swings quietly at anchor in the crystal clear lagoon waters.  Palm trees sway in the background, while native children romp and play on the black sand beach.   A shady-looking character is seen on board, heading below.  Opening the engine room, he says, 

Fortunately, there is a classy alternative.  The Elliot Bay Steam Launch Company makes very nice bronze placards, which might actually dress up the interior of the boat.  Of course I had to have these.  These are the ones that you might have seen in the West Marine catalog; by ordering them direct from the manufacturer, you do save a few bucks.



I mounted the MARPOL plastics discharge prohibition placard on the centerline beneath the companionway.






I mounted the oil discharge prohibition placard on the port side of the engine room.  Its location spanning two of the engine box structural members will provide a handy little storage area for tools or such.  OK, this one is inside the engine room, so I probably could've gotten away with one of the cheap versions



Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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