Yanmar 2GM20F:  Engine Performance
Performance Reports in a Pearson  Triton

This page was last updated on 13 August 2001

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Our new diesel has passed its first real test--a total of about 80 miles' running time incurred during a 4-day cruise last weekend.  Unfortunately, there was no wind when we were making passages, so we powered the entire time.  The engine was a champ, never missing a beat.  Noise levels were fairly low, and will be virtually nil when I install some soundproofing in the engine room.  Despite the raw water strainer filling up with seaweed, there were no cooling problems.  Cruising speed is around 2800 RPM, which, with our 12x13 3-blade prop, gives us about 5.5 knots of boatspeed.   WOT is 3600 RPM, so we have plenty of reserve power should be become necessary in areas of high current, or if we need a little extra speed.

On our second day of the cruise, we had to power through waves and steep swell generated by 15-25 knot winds and an outgoing tide.  At several times, we took green water over the bow when steaming into the seas.  Later, we steamed broadside to the waves, as well as directly before them.  The engine seemed to slightly bog down in a few instances when the boat was caught in the troughs, but generally performed flawlessly.  We have a large alternator that may be somewhat overtaxing to the engine in these conditions--this is under review at this time.    Despite the conditions, we were easily able to maintain over 5 knots at normal engine speeds.

Fuel consumption?  Not yet determined.  I expect about .5 gal/hour or less.

No other issues to report at this time.  The engine has met and surpassed all expectations.

Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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