Yanmar 2GM20F:  New Vetus Engine Controls


The new single-lever Vetus engine controls will be a huge improvement over the clunky old controls.  Installing them was one of the final jobs required before firing up the new engine for the first time.

The controls come with a template for the cutout, so I made my markings in the desired location and cut out the large hole.  Unfortunately, I could not install the new controls in the same place as the old, since there was a plywood backer glassed in place at that location, making it too thick for the new controls.  Plus, for a decent lead for the cables, I thought it would be better to move it forward a little.  This left a 2" hole in the side of the cockpit well, but I plan to install a fuel gauge there soon.  And, of course, the new hole couldn't be quite far enough forward to completely cover the ragged hole left behind when I removed the old engine stop cable assembly, since I had to leave the controls far enough aft so that the lever could move forward enough to reach wide open throttle without hitting the front of the cockpit.

Anyway, with the hole cut, I connected the engine control cables to the throttle and gearshift on the engine.  The end of the cable simply threads into these fittings, making for a pretty easy installation.  Next, I ran the cables aft and through the cutout in the cockpit side.

Now, I hooked up the cables to the controls.  Following the directions, I attached some plastic holders/adapters to the metal cable support assembly on the controls, and secured the cables in place with the provided connectors.  Then I could insert the whole mechanism through the cutout and secure the face plate to the cockpit side with screws.  With this done, I adjusted the lever so that it could clear the front of the cockpit without hitting--this ended up with the lever just aft of straight up and down when in neutral.

The new controls are great--smooth and easy to operate.  What an improvement over the old ones!  Installation seemed confusing at first, but once I got into it (like most things) it really wasn't too bad.

With the controls in place, the engine was nearly ready for firing for the first time.  Click here to continue.


Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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