Yanmar SB12 Installation:  Alignment

This page was last updated on 2 April 2001.

The first step towards a successful engine alignment came before the engine was even in the boat.  When I installed the flexible mounts, I used my engine template to get the adjustment roughly accurate, and this rough alignment turned out to be quite good. However, there were adjustments needed.

After inserting the prop shaft, I installed the coupling, and attempted to mate it with the transmission coupling.  I could make them fit, but it was obvious that the rear of the engine was too high, and a little too far to starboard.  Using a wrench and hanging upside down through the cockpit hatch, I adjusted the nuts a little, then went inside the boat and raised the two forward mounts slightly.  To push the aft end more to port, I used a crowbar to jack the engine to the side.  After several small adjustments, I got the two flanges pretty much aligned with each other.  

I spent a little time with a feeler gauge, and got the alignment pretty well set.  Of course, after I did this, I ran the engine for a while one day, the the starboard engine mount nuts vibrated loose, lowering that side of the engine.  I had to jack it back up and crank down on those nuts, and then realign the engine again.

Glissando, Pearson  Triton #381

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